Dozens of
available widgets

Text, image, video, slideshows, galleries, buttons, links, forms, maps… you can choose from

over 20 tools to build a website in the image of your business.

Widgets taking website customization to a new level

Puzl websites are completely customizable thanks to widgets, small tools which can be added, moved, and resized anywhere on your pages to create your perfect website promoting your professional activity online. The appearance of each widget is affected by the design theme chosen on your website. The color of the frames, the backgrounds, the fonts, and the effects adapt to themes and colors to ensure a consistent appearance.

With Puzl, you are always only one click away from fully reviewing the design of your professional site, facilitating the process but also optimizing the end result; changing your theme will automatically convert all widgets to the new design. Puzl continuously improves its widgets and adds new ones to better answer to the needs of Puzlists, members of the platform.

Start building your new business website.