Share your business news to social media

Blogs are about to live a revolution. Puzl proposes a solution to effectively promote your professional news and articles over the internet but also to all social media. At the heart of any free business website created on Puzl, is a news page. This acts like a professional blog where you can share news and articles about your activity. The structure of the page is search engine optimized to assure the highest level of internet visibility for all news published on your website.

A blog following the 1 page = 1 topic rule

The classical structure of a blog is based on one page containing many articles discussing different topics; which highly displeases search engines. Indeed, when reading the content of a blog, search engines will not be able to extract a main topic and will clearly favor the ones respecting the principle of “1 page = 1 topic”. On your Puzl site, each article is published on a separate page specifically dedicated to this news allowing its individual content to be focused and related to one and unique topic.

Increase traffic to your site by spreading your news to social media

On top of increasing your search engine visibility, the updates published on your site can be automatically syndicated to main social platforms. You will simply need to connect your news page to networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Viadeo) and they will also become visible on these social walls creating both links and traffic to your website. A visitor discovering your website or news will also have the possibility to individually share them to all main social media (over 300 internet platforms are available).

Start building your new business website.