images and videos

Freely add, move, resize your photos and videos on your web pages. You also have the possibility to

zoom and pan your pictures to create and maintain a harmonious design.

Give life to your website with photo and video content

The website building interface of Puzl proposes a large spectrum of widgets (website creation tools) to personalize your web pages and turn them into the ideal professional showcase. Individually add pictures but also pick from different styles of slideshows and galleries widgets to place and enhance your photos on your web space.

To enrich the content of your professional website, images organized by general themes are offered. You are of course encouraged to place your own photos on your site to further enhance its uniqueness.

Move and edit your photos

Each of your photos may be individually cropped and zoomed to attain a final result respecting the general design of your website. You may also, like with any other widget, move and resize your photos along your web pages with a full liberty of positioning thanks to the free business website builder of Puzl.

Rapidly integrate videos to your site

You may also integrate videos to your website with the utilization of a widget integrating videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. This option is highly useful to present your activity in a vivid light or simply add dynamism to your website.

Organise your pictures in albums

Manage and organize your pictures within the website builder’s interface by grouping them by themes in albums. You also have the possibility to improve the visibility of your images in search engines by adding individual descriptions to each of them. This is not all, Puzl also gives you the opportunity to benefit from over 20 widgets, all with a specific use, and aiming at continuously improving your professional website.

Start building your new business website.