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Add as much content to your web space as you wish. Create as many web pages as needed. Puzl gives

you the keys to build the ideal website to promote your activity online.

Build a free business website without limitations

When you build a website with Puzl, you have the possibility to add as many web pages as you desire. There are no trial periods or extra, supplementary, or hidden costs. A Puzl website has no hidden cost and no testing period.

A Puzl website has no hidden cost and no testing period

You may build your free professional website with a complete liberty of customization, utilize all the widgets placed at your disposal, publish your news and automatically share them to all social media and much much more. On your Puzl website, online storage is unlimited allowing you to add as much content as you desire. Pictures, videos, downloadable files… No need to leave anything aside, build the perfect website to promote your professional activity online.

Create topic specific pages to improve your online visibility

To build a search engine optimised website, and rapidly become visible in the results of major search engines such as Google, it is important that each and every page of your site contain quality content focused on one and unique topic. With the possibility to add an unlimited number of web pages to your site, you have the liberty to develop as many topics as you desire.

Write quality content

Building quality content means respecting a few fundamental rules. Write a minimum of 200 words of unique content per web page to assure an optimum level of online visibility. Search engines do not view duplicate content as bringing any added value to a web user, so it is not referenced. If a text placed on one of your web pages is available on another website, it will not be referenced by search engines.

Read Puzl’s SEO guide to learn more

Furthermore, it is important to integrate common keywords (or phrases) to your web pages to maximize the online exposure of your professional activity.

Start building your new business website.