Total design customization

Work from professionally designed themes and templates or start with a blank

canvas where your imagination can run wild.

Dozens of professional designs for a unique website

A professional website needs its own clear identity; that is why Puzl created its look & feel website templates. We have got hundreds of combinations so you can create the one that is right for you. Separating the personalization in two levels, prior to entering the website full customization interface, allows Puzl to de-multiply the design choices proposed to its members, the Puzlists, while retaining a simple and intuitive selection process.

Pick your professional website design

Start by picking the design theme that best suits your professional activity. Our themes all have a different structure, design effects (shadows, frames, color gradients, etc…) but also influence the appearance of individual widgets, or tools, on your website. After picking your layout and design, you will be invited to select a color and a font palette from a large array of propositions specifically adapted and related to the design theme you picked for your website.

Select photos related to your activity

A picture says a thousand words. Photos, related to look and feels are offered to improve and enrich your content. As with everything else on Puzl’s business website builder, you can change them, or even better replace them with your own.

Decide your pages structure with a website template

The second step consists of selecting a business website template. It is in effect an organization of widgets (texts, pictures, slideshow, gallery, buttons…) to create a lively and attractive web space. Different arrangements adapted to your professional activity are proposed.

Fully customize your professional website

Once the design of your site completed, you still have the later possibility to change the full structure and content of your web pages. Personalize your website thanks to the many tools placed at your disposal. Utilize the drag and drop technology of the website builder to modify at any time the appearance of your professional site.

If you are an advanced internet user or designer you are able to start your website from a blank canvas to fully use the creation capabilities of the tools placed at your disposal. An HTML widget is here to further increase the flexibility of Puzl’s website builder; giving you freedom to customize your website’s design and integrate third party application.

Start building your new business website.