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Build a free, professional website with Puzl, and add, change, drag & drop your content as you like.

Easily and fully customize your free professional website

You are a small or medium business, self-employed or freelancing, and need to develop a professional presence online? Create a business website with Puzl to increase your online visibility and this 100% free.

The business website builder of Puzl is both highly powerful and intuitive. You have the possibility to structure your web pages the way you intend to. Add, move, and resize all tools placed at your disposal with a complete liberty of positioning.

Over 20 website personalization tools available

To add content, just drag and drop little tools - which we're calling widgets - onto the page. Each with a specific use (Text, Picture, Video, Slideshow, Gallery, Button, Google map), individually position them on your web pages to achieve a perfect website promoting your professional activity online. Thusly you can build a website on Puzl without any need for code; you may create the professional showcase that you desire without having any notions of website programing.

An interface suited to all levels and abilities

The website builder of Puzl allows you to start a free professional site from a blank canvas if you are an advanced user or have a clear vision of what you wish to achieve.

A simplified interface is of course also available proposing preconceived business website templates, to facilitate the creation of your final design still attaining a high quality website. Use drag and drop editing to add a range of widgets with powerful to your site. An in-editor help explains all the tools as you progress.

Free sets of photos to improve your design

If you do not have any photos to improve your content, no problem, pre-defined photos related to your professional activity are offered. To rapidly grasp and understand the full functionalities offered by the website builder, a comprehensive help is also available for every step undertaken presenting the options available within the creation interface.

Start building your new business website.