domain name

Your domain name is fundamental to your online visibility but also for the professional

image you wish to convey to your customers.

Build a strong online identity

When building a professional website with Puzl, you will always be invited to first select a sub-domain to obtain a web address for your site. These sub-domains come under the form of “”

Always start by creating your site on a sub-domain of Puzl

Puzl is a lot more than a free business website builder. Acquiring a sub-domain for your professional activity will allow you to benefit from all the services proposed by the platform as well as edit, modify and publish your website 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Furthermore, you will also benefit from an increased internet visibility in major search engines such as Google thanks to the natural referencing created by platform of Puzl.

After its creation, move your site to your own domain

If you wish to have professional mails, redirection possibilities are also available for you to have a .com, .info,… domain name. Puzl will very soon give you the possibility to select your own domain (placing your Puzl site on an external domain). This new service will be a paid one.

Carefully pick your professional domain

Selecting the right domain name is about finding the keyword that best defines your activity; being the word or phrase (maximum three words) that a prospect will type on Google and other search engines whilst searching your business. It is a key factor that will greatly influence your online visibility; for more information read our article which introduces the techniques to select the right keywords.

Start building your new business website.