Strong online visibility

Your business’ website will quickly become visible in search engines, such as Google,

Yahoo, and Bing, driving new traffic and customers.

Rapidly become visible over the Internet

What use is a business website, even a free one, if it cannot be found online? With more than 350 million sites on the web, how can your professional activity stand out and be visible in Google and other major search engines? Search engine optimization (SEO) regroups techniques to improve the position of your website in the results of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). It is a way of ensuring your page can be matched properly to those who are searching for you or what you do. Puzl’s mission is to secure to its members a high level of online visibility to increase their number of clients through the creation of a free business website on its platform.

A SEO ready website structured placed at your disposal

Thanks to a team of highly qualified programmers and modern web standards, all of Puzl’s tools are designed to give you a quality website and improve your internet referencing and online presence. Search engines such as Google regularly analyze each internet website to decide if its content is of quality and deserves a better visibility. It is for this reason that all tools created by Puzl are conceived following best practices assuring that you rapidly increase your online visibility.

Your site will also be highly visible in all social media

Linking your site to the social networks today represents a fundamental process to rapidly drive traffic to your web pages. Puzl, understanding this principle, integrated many tools aiming at facilitating and increasing the presence of your professional activity on social media.

Increase your online visibility thanks to the Puzl community

On Puzl the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, you benefit from the links of other sites on the platform to reinforce your own ranking. The goal is to unite and connect small businesses together so that they become individually stronger. The first stage of creating your free website is to fill out your professional information. The three steps contain basic information which will be used to categorize your professional activity for search engines, making it easier to find for customers.

Puzl guides you every step of the way

To help you fully benefit from the platform potential, Puzl has placed online, and constantly updates, a SEO guide. Its aim is to help you discover the step by step optimization process to become visible online. Through the understanding and implementation of these techniques, you will rapidly benefit from a strong online presence. For even greater attention to detail, Puzl also has a website audit service.

Puzl staff will review the structure of your site, its content and external connections, and will make suggestions and improvements to assure that your professional activity rapidly gains online visibility. Visit our website search engine optimization section to discover how you will increase your online visibility.

Full visitors’ statistics available with Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to follow and monitor the behavior of visitors to your website and therefore rapidly act and optimize your professional pages. Follow the evolution of visits to your website; analyze the stream and origins of visitors to continuously improve your online space. Know which pages attract the largest traffic, how long does a visitor normally spends on your site, how many pages does he view, what percentage of visitors leave seconds after entering your site.

Start building your new business website.