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Discover SEO techniques and learn how they will improve your online visibility.

Implementing Search engine optimization into your free website is a key factor to online success.

The free SEO guide of the Puzl business network was established to introduce simple SEO techniques to improve the search engine ranking of web pages created with the free website builder. Although these techniques would apply to any sites, they will have a higher impact on a free websites built on Puzl, the business network having a full SEO ready architecture. The better the optimization of a free website built is, the higher its search engine ranking will be and therefore increase its online visibility and incoming traffic.

Search engine optimization requires constant adjustments because ranking criteria of search engines' algorithms are updated on a constant basis. The free website builder of Puzl is constantly adapting following the evolution of search engines criteria to ensure that any free website build in the business network continuously maintains and improves its optimization.

After having learned the base of search engine ranking and how improving it will increase the online promotion of your free website, in our "search engine ranking" service section, lets understand how you may further increase your SEO potential.

You will find below a resume of the techniques presented in our search engine optimization guide. Don't hesitate to download our free SEO guide to learn more about the subject. By following the search engine optimization techniques stated below when building a free website on the Puzl business network, we assure you that your business web pages will achieve a high search engine ranking.

There are two main streams to SEO
  • Natural referencing, encompasses all the free techniques used to get your website to move up the ranks in research results of a search engine.
  • Paid referencing, regroups all the sponsored links in search engine results and banner advertisements placed on different websites; also known as SEM.

Puzl focuses on the natural referencing of free websites and this section of the platform will introduce the most effective techniques to increase your ranking.

Natural referencing is divided into four main streams
  • Structure SEO (technical) regroups all the methods used in the programing of a website while respecting the guidelines dictated by search engines' algorithms to prepare a website to achieve a high search engine ranking. They range from internal linking, ease of navigation, code languages, technology utilized, site maps, improving backend performances, removing phantom texts, etc… Puzl's free website builder was carefully designed to follow and respect all SEO guidelines dictated by search engines as well as utilize state of the art search engine optimization techniques aimed at further increasing the optimization potential of any free website built on the business network.
  • Internal marketing SEO are all the techniques used to improve the online content of your free business website as well as its direct optimization linked to picking the right keywords. In other words, all the efforts which you have to make within your web-pages.
  • Backlinks SEO (inbound) is achieved by linking your free website to the World Wide Web by creating quality links pointing back to the free website built on Puzl. These links will also have a positive impact on incoming traffic to your professional web pages, as these links will be followed by visitors willing to read the full article or information provided. This process also includes the SMO (Social Media Optimization).
  • Natural activity SEO, a crucial part of a website optimization process is linked to the level of online activity recorded on your free website. Search engines want to make sure that the online content of your free website stays up to date and that it is of a high quality. They therefore record how often the content evolves. This is easily achieved by placing regular news and updates online on your business news feed developed by the free website builder of Puzl.

Technical SEO is 100% supported the Puzl free website builder' programing team but the other three streams require a commitment from members.

SEO techniques you can effectively follow to increase your search engine ranking

This section will let you know exactly what actions you may undertake to increase your search engine ranking and make sure that you best benefit from the free website builder's SEO structure.

Online content quality and keyword use

A keyword is either a word or a phrase that a user types in a search engine when looking for the sector your business is in or the products/services you provide. When you build your free website, it is important to include these keywords as much as you can on your web pages as keyword repetitions will tell search engine robots that this word is an important part of what your free website provides.

SEO Tip: Keyword rich content is one of the key factors to improve SEO of one's website. Search engines scan sites and perform a word count of the content. You should repeat each keyword to achieve a density situated between 1% and 5%.

Puzl recommends 2.5% Keyword density per web page

Selecting the right keywords which best express your business activity is an essential part of search engine optimization to make sure that the free website built with the Puzl web page maker is highly ranked in search engine results. Keywords are divided into two groups:

Primary Keywords are considered as the most important ones for your free business website's SEO; they should be repeated along each of your web pages.

  • The sector or sub-sector of your business
  • The geographic location in which your business operates
  • The main product or service that you are providing if there is one
  • The term which someone would use when searching for your goods

Your business name is important too but should naturally be repeated in your writing habits.

Secondary Keywords will target specific areas of your free professional site. You will have to select a set per product or service that you are promoting on your website.

  • The name of your service/product
  • The generic term for your product/service
  • The utility behind your product/service

SEO Tip: We all have the tendency to want to pick too many keywords for our websites. This is a classic mistake of SEO. But always keep in mind that it is better to be the in first position in search engine result on one keyword, than have a low search engine ranking for four keywords.

Technique and tools that will help you pick the right keywords

Picking the right keywords is not a difficult process but it requires you to follow a specific process. The search engine optimization success of your free website will be highly dependent on whether you select and optimize the right keywords for your activity.

Once you have selected a list of potential keywords that you would like to use, it is now time to test them to see their search engine optimization value for your free website.

There are two steps to undertake to validate your keywords before utilizing them to build your free website. For both of them we will use tools from the Google search engine, as it is today the most popular search engine and the one that has developed the most comprehensive and high quality SEO tools.

  • Find out how many monthly searches are made for each keyword

    Use the Google keyword generator to test the number of time each keyword has been searched. You will also see below the result some proposed examples of common keywords which may be a better option for your free website:

    Google Keyword Tool
  • Find out the SEO competition for each keyword

    The second step is to go to the Google search engine, and to make a search query to see how many results are found for each specific keyword. Don’t forget, the more results are showing, the more difficult it will be to achieve a high search engine ranking even with the free website builder of Puzl’s help.

  • Calculate the number of point that each keyword has achieved
Number of monthly searchesNumber of search engine results

Less than 1,000


Above 100 Millions


1,000 to 10,000


50 to 100 Millions


10,001 to 50,000


10 to 50 Millions


50,001 to 100,000


1 to 10 Millions


Above 100,000


Less than 1 Million


Calculate the total of points for each keyword, rank them in order and pick the highest ones. If a keyword is not above average grade, it will be difficult to achieve a high search engine ranking. The bigger the number of results the more time it will take your free business website to achieve a high search engine ranking.

SEO Tip: The less generic your keyword the lower will be the competition. If you see they are too many search results for a particular keyword and that it will be too difficult to achieve a high search engine ranking, don’t hesitate to add a term in your keyword phrase to increase its focus and reduce the competition

Where should you position your keywords?

The earlier you place your keywords on the page the more importance search engines will give them therefore further benefiting your search engine ranking. The order of importance of different areas where you may place keywords on your free business website are the following:

  • Page title - best is 60 characters– 100 characters maximum (excl. space)
  • H1 Tag - which is the first title of the page
  • H2 Tag - usually placed in the catch phrase underneath the first title
  • First 200 words - here you should make sure that you have a high level of keywords
  • Meta description - the description that will be shown in search engine results
  • Meta tag - A list of 10 keywords for search engines to receive an indication on the content of your website
  • H3 Tag - title of the second section of the page
  • Below 200 words - the more content you write the better optimized your free website will be.

The programing architecture of the Puzl's free website builder was designed to assure that, when building a free website, the important titles of each page will be emphasized to further increase your search engine ranking.

SEO Tip: when entering the free website builder, don’t hesitate to place keywords in titles, menus, buttons, etc... A keyword linking back to another page will further improve the search engine ranking of your site for this particular keyword.

Pick the right URL that best suits your business model

Picking the right URL is an important factor to website optimization and will influence your search engine ranking. When starting to create your web pages with Puzl’s free website builder, you will be asked to select the URL which you would like to use. As it is a hosted domain, it will come as such:
They are different possibilities to select your URL:
  • Pick the name of your business
  • Select your most important keyword (what you do, or your most important product/service, could be: luxury jewels, bed mattresses, life coaching, etc...)
  • Add a location in which you operate (Chinese restaurant London, Hair dresser Vegas, etc...)

The last question which you need to ask yourself is will you separate all keywords by a hyphen or keep them all attached. In terms of SEO, it is better to place a hyphen between each keyword, but it is not all that matters as placing a hyphen will also make it more complex to type for a user.

Whether you pick your business name or a keyword for your business website’s URL really depends on the aim behind building a free website.

You wish to use this free website as your primary web representation:

Then you should place your business name in the URL as you probably will include it on business cards and therefore have to make it short and professional. On top of this, you will need to have a high search engine ranking when someone knows you and searches your business name online.

You wish to use this free website as a secondary one or branding is not important to your business model:

By all means, achieving a high search engine ranking on your keywords is what matters most. You should therefore place keywords in your URL, a geographical location too if suited. Don’t forget to place hyphens between each word to allow search engines to better scan the URL.

SEO Tip: If you decided to pick a keyword other than your business in your URL, make sure that your business name becomes a primary keyword to assure been found in search engines when someone is typing your business name. You should not pick more than 3 keywords in your URL.

Text density of the web pages of your free website

Another search engine criterion is the on-page content. The amount of text and therefore number of words written on each web page of your free website will influence its search engine ranking. A site that has less than 200 words per page will not be considered to contain a valuable content and will therefore not be well ranked in search engine results.

The long tail phenomenon is another interesting factor to take into account. A SEO fact is that a high percentage of incoming internet traffic to your free website will comes from secondary or less utilized keyword. This is why the longer your text is, the more it will generate traffic.

SEO Tip: It is very important to maintain a high quality of text along all the web pages of your free website. Search engines will downgrade the search engine ranking of your free website if some of the pages have got low or little content; this is why it is important to maintain a high amount of words across all your web pages.

Size of the full business network

There is a great SEO dependence and reliance between the Puzl business network and each free website built by Puzlists. The size of a website is a high search engine ranking factor. Search engines will consider the Puzl business network in its entirety when calculating the referencing strength of your free website. Puzl’s free website builder was developed to aggregate the SEO potential of all business members for all to benefit from a higher search engine ranking.

The business network’s referencing power increases with each new free website build and created under the Puzl domain. The promotion of the community is important to gain additional members and increase the network’s referencing power which also has a positive impact on each Puzlist. The collaboration of Puzl and its members is the core of the concept. As the community grows, a steady increase of the search engine ranking will be guaranteed to all members’ free websites.

SEO Tip: Join the Puzl business network referral competition and invite new businesses to benefit from the free website builder and an increased search engine ranking. Not only will you increase your search engine ranking, you will also receive free advertising banner clicks as a reward, further improving your business’ online visibility.

Internal and external links pointing back to the website

Creating links, pointing back to your web pages, will increase the popularity of your free website and therefore its search engine ranking. Web pages linking and redirecting traffic to your free website is a sign of content quality for search engines. The free website builder has developed many widgets to facilitate the updating and linking of your free website.

The news and update business wall on your free business website is the most effective one. Don’t hesitate to write and share news about your business but also articles related to your trade found over the internet. To increase the number of links pointing back to your site, don’t forget to connect your wall to other platforms you are a member of. This will increase the incoming traffic to your web pages and the search engine ranking of your free website.

You will also increase the number of incoming links to your free website by placing links on business directories, social networks, blogs and forums, etc...

SEO Tip: Visit all the social platforms and business networks you are a member of, on each of them, you will usually have a possibility to place a link to your website on your profile. When this is done, you will also be able to connect your Puzl website wall to these platforms. From then on, when you place a business update on your free business website, it will directly be shared on all linked business networks.

Be active and constantly update your free website

Keeping the content up to date, by constantly adding and refreshing your free website,will further improve its search engine ranking.For search engines, proposing up to date content to visitors is considered to be an important factor of quality. Don’t hesitate to review the texts of your free website, add more information, etc...

SEO Tip: The free website builder of Puzl allows you to come back to edit your text at all times, don’t hesitate to review and improve your online content. Further on, don’t forget that updating your news and update business wall will also by the same occasion be considered as a site update by search engines.

Search engine ranking and optimization conclusion

The web pages created with the free website builder of Puzl are SEO ready, offering you all the necessary tools to achieve a high search engine ranking. However, some work will still be required to make sure that a high level of online promotion is achieved for your business.

One month after you build a free website, the first SEO results should already be measurable. The whole website optimization process is continuous and gaining momentum which results in your free website increasing his search engine ranking as you maintain your effort on a regular basis.

If you have taken the time to read this document, you are now ready to build your free website or improve its online content by accessing the free website builder’s interface. Don’t hesitate to contact us were you to have any questions or if you need help.

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