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The 10 Rules to SEO Success with Puzl, the Free Website Builder

The free website builder of Puzl aims at achieving the highest possible search engine ranking for your business web pages. Build a free website and success through the use of the Puzl business network by following our 10 SEO key guidelines. If you respect them, we assure you that you will achieve a high search engine ranking and therefore a high level of internet visibility increasing your business online recognition through the use of our free website builder.

I. Follow the instructions of the free website builder

When building your free business website, you will find on the right side of the free website builder a help interface explaining how you should fill in the form’ sections. They will allow you to better understand what information is needed to best improve your search engine ranking when you build your free website. This first step is designed at allowing you to have a free business listing online. After completing your business directory, you will then enter our free website builder. After having picked general design and feel as well as header and footer designs, you will be invited to select a free website template for your three most important pages. Then will start the full personalization of your free website templates, page by page, using the toolbox provided by our free website builder.

II. Pick the right Keywords

If you have read the Puzl SEO Guide, then you already know the natural SEO techniques used to improve your search engine ranking and therefore have your free business site appearing high in search engine results. Picking the right keywords is the most important factor influencing text writing and therefore search engine ranking. You should elect:

Three Primary Keywords - to place everywhere (business name, sector or subsector, location or main product) – a maximum ratio of 5% per page per keyword (we advise 2.5%)

Two Secondary Keywords - for each product/service section (generic term for good, how you name it) – a maximum ratio of 5% per page per keyword but only on the specific product / service page

Do not forget that the quality of your online content also influences search engine ranking. To be well positioned in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine results, you will need to write a minimum of 200 words of unique content per web page.

III. Create quality online content

Make sure that the content placed on your free website is pertinent and unique. Search engines do not reference content if it is already available in another web page. This is why you need to write specific texts for your free business website to achieve a high search engine ranking and therefore attain an optimum level of online promotion and visibility.

IV. Focus attention to your free website interface concentrating on visitors’ first impression

Increasing your free website’s search engine ranking is not the only important factor; you need to make sure those customers visiting the free website you built and discovering your activity are impressed with your front window to have a successful online promotion of your professional activity. Pick the photos carefully, write interesting texts, exclude spelling mistakes, and don’t forget that it is the small details that will make a difference. Don’t hesitate to continuously enter the free website builder to improve and extend your web page content.

V. Link your free business website to the Wide World Web

Each and every free website created with the free website builder of Puzl is SEO ready; however, to fully utilize the potential of your free website and attain a high search engine ranking, some actions will be required. One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve both your search engine ranking (SEO) and your incoming traffic is, after building the free website, to link it to other online social communities and business network. You can achieve this by:

- Adding inbound links on your Social and Professional networking sites’ profile.

- Linking your Puzl professional News feed to social community and business networking sites

- Been active in blogs and forums presenting your business’ online activity.

- Don’t hesitate to talk about the Puzl free website builder or any other services provided by the Puzl business network.

VI. Update your business news updating wall on a regular basis

The level of activity registered by your free professional website will directly influence your internet ranking as search engines want to see changes on websites each time they send their crawling robots to scan their contents. This is easily achieved with the Puzl free website builder by sharing business updates and sector news on your free professional website. This is why the news feed widget from our free website builder is automatically integrated to each free website templates.

VII. Improve your business network

Help us monitor and administrate the Puzl business network, don’t hesitate to report bugs whenever you see one on the community or on the free website builder. To maintain the quality of the content of the business network, you should also flag inappropriate content whether found on forums or built free website. It will improve the overall value of the business network benefiting the community.

VIII. No direct advertising between members

Sending advertisements to other business members is never the right way to go about the online promotion of your business. To assure that we do not enter a vicious circle where no one reads members’ updates anymore we are asking you to limit it. Share interesting content, sector news, business updates and you will see that people will visit your free business website to read the full article additionally looking at who found or wrote it.

IX. Participate in the product and services rating

Rated and recommended products and services will attract clients as it is proof of quality and respectability. Making sure that your clients rate your goods will also have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. Product rating is included in our free e-commerce templates and will allow you to better sell online; the rating and recommendation will also be used in our product price comparator.

X. Boost your website SEO strength and improve search engine ranking

The larger the business network the better your free website will be referenced with a huge multiplying effect. Join the 40 links referral campaign, by inviting SME’s self-employed and freelancers or any entrepreneur you may know to use our free website builder, selecting and personalizing a free website template, and not only will you improve your general search engine ranking (SEO) but also improve the internal visibility of your free website within the business network.

“The business network is yours, Puzl was designed for its members and we count on you to give us your opinion to help us advance and develop it! We empower you to decide as a Puzlist the future of the community”.

The Puzl Team